The Benefits of Online Coaching

It's Convenient

Online life coaching offers you all the benefits at a time that is totally convenient for you. Fit in your sessions around your other commitments. With email coaching you don't even have to make an appointment. You can truly just sit down when you have the space to do so – no stressing over getting to an appointment on time.

It's Accessible

It doesn't matter where you are as long as you have internet access – at home, work or even whilst you are on holiday! Perfect if you live in a remote location, have any mobility difficulties or simply do not want to spend your time travelling behind the home / office to an appointment.

It's Private

Online life coaching allows you to be as anonymous as you choose. If you find it difficult to open up in a one on one face to face session then you may find it so much easier using email or instant messaging, where here the only information I may have is your email address and name. That will instantly make you feel more at ease and what's more you won't risk bumping in to anyone in the waiting room!

It’s Secure

My computer is fully protected with anti virus, anti spyware and firewall software to ensure that your details and communication are not compromised in any way. My computer, mobile devices and files are password protected to ensure there is no unauthorised access.

It Allows for Personal Exploration

Choosing email as a way to benefit from life coaching gives you space for exploration. As you write down your story you can take time to really ponder and explore your life. Save emails and re-read them and you will gain greater insights and a fresh perspective on things you may have gotten stuck on previously. Just writing things down is therapy in itself.

It Costs Less

Online life coaching offers you all the benefits for less money. First of all you save any travelling costs – whether that be bus or train fares or fuel and parking costs. Plus online life coaching sessions are lower priced than face to face as I too incur less overheads so can offer these sessions at a lower rate.

Online Life Coaching may be the most suitable option for you if you are able to access the internet and use the software – email, instant messaging or skype, sufficiently well. There is however a few things that you need to be aware of before making any commitment:

Time Delays

if you have opted for email life coaching then you will want to appreciate that there will be some time delay before you hear back from me. The maximum wait time will generally be no longer than 3 days and most likely will be within 24 hours. We will however agree this time period between us prior to us starting to work together

Technology Delays

however good and reliable the internet generally is there will undoubtedly be times when the internet will be slow and this will effect our communication – most particularly on skype or instant messaging.

Potential for Misunderstandings

if we are going to communicate with each other using a text based option ie email or instant messaging then we need to consider that we may interpret a message in a way that wasn’t intended. Without the advantage of body language and tone of voice etc we may miss expressions of humour etc. We can agree how we will look to overcome this prior to starting to work together by use of emoji’s, capitals, even colours etc. I would also like to re-assure you that I will never be rude, unprofessional, demeaning and insulting in any way.