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Insider Success Programmes

Peacock Red
Insider Success Programme

Private Member’s Business & Travel Club Monthly Membership

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Peacock Green
Insider Success Programme

1 x 25 min Private Session & Email + Free Access to Planet Peacock

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Peacock Blue
Insider Success Programme

1 x 90 min Private Session & 3 x Email + Free Access to Planet Peacock

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Insider Success Programme

1 x Full Day Private Session & Weekly Email + Free Access to Planet Peacock

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The combination of Business Consultancy and Coaching allows us to truly unlock your potential so you can achieve your business goals and live a life you truly love.

The topics below will need to be addressed for you to achieve business and personal success. You may be competent and confident in many or none! We will work together following a thorough assessment of your needs in the sessions allocated according to which Insider Success Programme you choose.

Insider Success programmes offer you a variety of  options for 1:1 sessions each month with added benefits. Check out the links above, our Programme &  Pricing Pages or Contact Us for more information


Strategic Solutions To Keep Your Business Ahead of Competition Through:
  • Accelerated Profitable Growth from New and / or Existing Products & Services

  • Customer Growth & Retention

  • Positive Cashflows

  • Controlling Costs

  • Improved Customer Service & Positive Reviews

  • A More Motivated & Effective Team

  • Better Results from Your Marketing Spend

  • Improved Web Presence

  • Comprehensive Business Strategy & Planning To Get Results & Funding to Support Business Growth


Unlock Your True Potential & Achieve Your Goals
  • Overcome Mindset Issues that are Holding You Back

  • Courage To Grow or Start Your Own Business

  • Realise Your Purpose & Be Confident in Fulfilling It

  • Clarity on Where Your Life is Heading

  • Solutions to Overcome Obstacles

  • Achieve Greater Fulfilment Every Single Day

  • More Control – to say “NO” or manage your time better

Business Growth

Immediately Increase Your Business & Take It To The Next Level
  • Website Effectiveness

  • Social Media

  • S.E.O

  • Conversion Rates

  • Repeat Customers

  • Promotional Materials

  • Value Added Packages

  • Google Adwords

  • Facebook & Other Social Media advertising

Business Planning

A Business Plan Will Help…
  • Define Your Overall Business Vision, Strategy & Ideas

  • Create a List of Smart Goals Broken Down in to Smaller Actionable Steps

  • Detail What Service/Products You Will Sell

  • Identify Who Your Market Will Be, How Big that Market is and the Best Ways of Reaching that Market in Order to Make Them Aware of Your Business

  • Review Who Else Operates in Your Business Arena, How Well They Service the Market and Where There is Room for Your Business

  • Decide What Resources You Need to Run Your Business and How These Needs May Change Over Time as Your Business Grows

  • Plan How Much Money You Need to Start Up and Then Run Your Business on a Daily Basis.

  • Identify Potential Problems and Enable You to Prepare for Them.

  • Produce a Set of Clear and Timely Objectives that can be Delegated Throughout Your Organisation and Used to Measure and Evaluate Performance

  • Secure Finance As and When Required from Lending Organisations

Benefits of Working With Consultancy and Coaching

  • You Are Far More Likely To Take Action & achieve Your Goals with Professional Support

  • Combination of Business Consultancy and Coaching Services So You Don’t Have To Work Out What Support You Need Most

  • We Are Absolutely Totally Passionate About Achieving Results. To Achieve Results You Need To Take Action. Knowing What Action To Take Can Be The Stumbling Block That Holds You Back – We Help You With This!

  • 100% Guarantee – If You Are Not Happy, or Want or Need To Finish Your Programme Early – We Understand – When Life Gets In The Way You Can Alter Your Plans & You Can Suspend Your Sessions

  • FREE Access to the Planet Peacock Private Member’s Business & Travel Club for the Duration of your Insider Success Programme

  • You’ll Find Us Totally Hands On, Approachable & Incredibly Inspirational – You’ll Feel Comfortable & Enjoy Working With Us

  • Worldwide Coverage – You’ll Get The Help Wherever you Are Located

  • Appointments Available 7 Days Per Week for Your Convenience & Easy Access

  • We Help You Develop the Skills You Need to Run A Successful Business & Live a Life you Truly Love

Consultancy and Coaching Insider Success programme Bonuses

Planet Peacock Online Community of Fabulous Females in BusinessSuccess Programmes and Planet Peacock Membership

Exclusively for Fabulous Females in Business (Sorry Guys!)

Consultancy and Coaching offer a variety of Success Programmes that you can sign up to that suits your needs

All levels include FREE Membership to the Planet Peacock Private Member’s Club

Choose from 4 Levels – where even the Core Level provides huge benefits that will help you and your business soar.

With all levels you will get access to a full library of business resources that will cover everything from business basics to mindset and business growth. Plus you will be invited to join a Facebook group where you can brainstorm ideas and support likeminded women. Numbers are being kept tight so this does not lead to overwhelm and it allows us to be a big part of the conversations. you’ll also be invited to participate in regular Business Retreats – only open to Planet Peacock Members – your opportunity to escape and work on yourself and business in a truly inspiring setting.

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What To Do Next

Once you have taken that important first step to begin your dream business and life journey, you will receive your  Welcome Pack via email which you can go through before committing to working with me.

If you have already completed a course of Coaching or Consultancy sessions then you may be interested in membership of the Planet Peacock Member’s Business & Travel Club that will help you stay on top and keep achieving without the time and cost commitment of further 1:1 sessions.

To find out more and to ask any questions please follow the link below to complete the short Contact Us form.

If you are ready to get going, simply click on the links above to receive a Consultancy and Coaching Welcome Pack via email with a couple of forms and contract you will need to complete prior to our first session. Once received your first call will be scheduled in.

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