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Spa consultancy provides you with hands on expertise to build a better spa business. If your business is growing then you may be struggling with a lack of structure, consistent standards and procedures. If you are a start- up or been running your spa business for a long time you may be struggling to achieve your target revenues – at least profitably. If you are busy you may find it difficult to find the time to examine your costs and find yourself paying too much for your overheads. If you are struggling in this current economic climate then you may need a trusted pair of hands to expertly liaise with suppliers, banks, HMRC etc.

Spa Consultancy Services

All of the areas below are services provided by Consultancy and Coaching. For a great business make sure you have them all covered. Where you need help give us a call or use the Contact form to get in touch.

Customer Service

when people visit a spa they are wanting to feel better. Nothing makes people feel worse than poor customer service. Get this right and you’ll find your customers will forgive much else. get this wrong and you’ll always be fighting to get new customers. This is seriously one element of your business that must be right. Luckily it is one that doesn’t cost you anything! Train your staff to your standards and make sure everyone delivers these standards consistently. However bad you or team feel you must make sure your customers feel great and most importantly feel that they are the centre of your universe.

Business Growth

increase revenue profitably. Creation of target focused value added packages that your customers will go wild for yet still provide you with profit. Retain customers through VIP loyalty schemes and incentives and let them grow your customer base through rewarding recommendation schemes. Increase customer base with creative offline and online promotions that get your prospects attention. Improve your enquiry to booking conversion rate through excellent customer service and 7 stage follow up.

Spa Environment & Facilities

whatever size your budget is you can create an appealing, clean and efficient space that your team will enjoy working in and your customers will love to visit. Consider your return on investment for everything you buy and for each space you create. Remember the amount of space needed back of house and where your customers and staff will need to travel to and from. Account for maintenance, health and safety and aesthetics. All of your space needs to be clean, hygienic and safe. What you put in to that space needs to come from your business plan with an environment to match. Think about colours, warmth, comfort and the needs of your target market. Don’t ever be tempted to buy a wonderful new piece of equipment before you’ve carried out your own thorough research – don’t sign up to buy anything unless there is a very clear market demand at the price you need to charge.


you can’t grow a spa business without good staff. Recruiting the ‘right’ staff can be the hardest job to do but making sure you have all the paperwork and checks in place eliminates much of the risk. At a minimum ensure everyone has a detailed job description that they have signed. If you are looking for new staff make sure you have a person specification and stick to it! ALWAYS check references and make sure each member of your team has a signed Contract of Employment on file. Keep holiday and sickness records up to date. Induction, training plans and regular reviews are the only way to manage your team and achieve your business goals. Deal with underperformance quickly and write everything down. Involve your team as much as you can and communicate everything clearly making sure all team members get the same information – even if they are only your Saturday girl.

Client Reviews

are you actively collecting and displaying guest feedback and reviews? Do you pro-actively manage your Tripadvisor account?


how do you promote your business? Are you targetting your market effectively? Are you using digital and social media to your advantage? Are your printed documents consistent with your brand and quality standards?

Standards and Procedures 

the only way to really guarantee that your customers will stay loyal to you is to ensure the level of service they receive is always consistent. As your business grows and you employ more staff you have to ensure that everyone is delivering the service in the way set down by your business. Therapists are generally quite entrepreneurial and like to do things their own way, the way they have always done them. However for your business to grow strong you need to ensure consistency. The way your customers are greeted, they way your treatment rooms are set out for each customer, even the way your staff walk through your building and manage “back of house” tasks. If your customer doesn’t receive a service they can rely on receiving each time they visit they will go and try other spas. Remember this is also your opportunity to set yourselves a part. Do something special that will leave your customers talking about you long after they have left. Small things don’t have to cost a lot – they just have to be consistent.

Accounts & Data Analysis

never leave your accounts. This is often the area of business that most owners just don’t like, don’t understand and don’t see the need. However keeping accounts is critical to the health of your business. You must keep a step ahead. You need to know that you are making enough cash to pay your bills. If you are busy you need to know that the work you are doing is making you a profit and most certainly covering the costs of running your business. You need to know how much you need to take each day to break even, or how much you need to charge to operate a service. You need to know how much revenue a treatment room is bringing in, how much revenue each member of your team is responsible for and how many up-sells and related sales they are making. You need to know what is selling on your treatment menu and what is not, you need to see which of your products are your best sellers and which are just taking up shelf space. you need to know which of your product houses bring you the most profit. You need to know how much to pay HMRC through VAT and PAYE. ONLY when you have all this information can you be in control of your business and make sound decisions.

If you are not already doing all of the above then you are probably struggling in some form or other. You may be tempted to think that the services listed above are non essential. If you want a strong solid profitable business then the above is the minimum you should be doing.

With over 30 years business experience Consultancy and Coaching offer a comprehensive and value added service that will assist you in identifying key areas for improvement as well as solutions that will ultimately improve your quality of life and business results.

We are here to help you. We will work with you and your existing team to produce the information that is required. After an initial discussion we can advise an estimate based on the work you require us to do.

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