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What’s Holding Back Your Business Success?

Many businesses simply fail to plan – to plan for success. They start their business journey not really knowing all that they need to achieve – whether that be resources, cash or their own personal development. They put off taking action, because they’re just not sure what to do next.

Business owners can get so wrapped up working IN their businesses they find little time to work ON their business.

What started out as a dream idea quickly turned in to a source of stress, pressure and hour upon hour of work, leaving Business Owners little recollection of the passion behind their “Big Why”

Business Owners fall in to the trap of “copying” what their competitors do to get customers and sales. Their unique selling proposition is quite often to simply  undercut their prices – and of course “be the best” in their industry. They spread their message far and wide hoping that the bigger their market the more custom they will attract.

They take on expensive staff. Buy the latest equipment and technology. Lease swanky cars, offices, shops, factories. All with limited feasibility and on-going analysis.

It’s their business. They think they need to do everything, so they work themselves in to the ground. They become stressed. Irritable. Frustrated. Their staff and families never know what mood they will be in next.

They undersell themselves. They compare themselves to other businesses that they “feel” are more successful, better than them. Their mind is filled with clutter, confusion and negative self talk.

Does any of this sound like you?

Whatever is getting in the way between where you are now and the success you desire, there are solutions.

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Maximum Impact
Immediate Impact

C.E.O Mastery Programme with Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching

The VIP Programme for well established businesses looking to re-invent, expand, maximise return on investment, create essential top quality media & achieve next level success.

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Up-Level &

Business Up-Level & Re-Structure Programme with Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching

A Re-alignment Programme for established businesses to improve profits, growth, customer and staff satisfaction

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Business Mastery Programme with Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching

Perfect for small business owners wanting to master business skills, be more strategic, improve profits, efficiencies, consistency and satisfaction

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Benefits of Working With Consultancy and Coaching

  • You Are Far More Likely To Take Action & achieve Your Goals with Professional Support

  • Combination of Business Consultancy and Coaching Services So You Don’t Have To Work Out What Support You Need Most

  • We Are Absolutely Totally Passionate About Achieving Results. To Achieve Results You Need To Take Action. Knowing What Action To Take Can Be The Stumbling Block That Holds You Back – We Help You With This!

  • 100% Guarantee – If You Are Not Happy, or Want or Need To Finish Your Programme Early – We Understand – When Life Gets In The Way You Can Alter Your Plans & You Can Suspend Your Sessions

  • You’ll Find Us Totally Hands On, Approachable & Incredibly Inspirational – You’ll Feel Comfortable & Enjoy Working With Us

  • Worldwide Coverage – You’ll Get The Help Wherever you Are Located

  • Appointments Available 7 Days Per Week for Your Convenience & Easy Access

  • We Help You Develop the Skills You Need to Run A Successful Business & Live a Life you Truly Love

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