Build the business of your dreams, Planet Peacock Business Success Club-

Planet Peacock Business Success Club

for fabulous females in business looking to seriously up-level &
build the business of their dreams

You Are designed for Bigger & Better Things

 Are you ready to :

step out of your comfort zone,
master your business &
claim your position as expert in all you do

You’ve set up your business.
You’re passionate about what you do and you’re amazing at it
but the business side is a completely different set of skills.

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out? Planet Peacock Business Success Club

When you join Planet Peacock you get to learn and master all the business skills you need to move from
where you are to where you really want to be.

These skills not only put you in the driving seat of your business they also stop you from becoming one of those horrid statistics around early business failure or underperformance for women in business in areas such as revenues, growth and profit.

Being in business is simply amazing.

You can carve out your life just as you want it.

So, get the skills you need in order to live your most fulfilling life yet

Business Expertise, Inspiration and Accountability – all you need to grow your business profitably

Business Resources, Planet Peacock Business Success Club

Expert Business Resources

Workbooks, planners, checklists, plus regular goal setting and review webinars. Dip in to what you need as and when you need it. Lots more are added each month

Hands On Business Expertise, Planet Peacock Business Success Club

Access To Highly Experienced Business Consultant & Coach

As a Business Consultant and Coach with over 15 years experience plus many years of real business & industry experience which involved me managing budgets of up to £10m, running hotels, spas and hospitals, raising €18m finance, turning around failing businesses, creating high performing management teams etc. This membership offers you a great opportunity to acquire expert business consultancy and coaching for a tiny fee!

Peer Support, Planet Peacock Business Success Club

Peer Support

When you go it alone, the first thing you often miss is peer support. This is fundamental in the club. You’ll find a safe place where you can voice your worries, concerns and ask for advice and feedback as well as share your triumphs and successes. You’ll also be able to help other like-minded ladies with with support and feedback. There’s one objective: help raise each other up and succeed.


I’m Carol Evans, lifelong business woman, entrepreneur and founder of Planet Peacock.

I’m passionate about equipping business owners with the business skills they need to run hugely successful businesses and live their life to the full.

I know how isolating it can feel when you’re the boss. I know how your head can be bursting with ideas that fill you with excitement yet leave you dithering because you’re unsure what to act on first…. I also know how frustrating it can be to get to the end of yet another year and not made the progress you hoped for.

I know how great it is to have the right support, to be able to test out ideas and ask for help in a safe place.

I know how you need to be consistently developing yourself in order to grow and develop your business and that the skills you needed to set up a business are quite different to those you need to run and grow it profitably.

I’ve worked in business virtually all my adult life. I’ve run hospitals, hotels, spas. I’ve franchised businesses across different countries, I’ve turned failing businesses around, I’ve managed budgets of £10m and received a funding offer for €18m for my first business venture.

I’ve created fabulous high performing management teams, created innovative national services, been invited to Downing Street, The Treasury and spoke at the House of Lords.

I’ve done every course imaginable and am a dedicated life-long learner. I love being in business and am absolutely totally passionate about helping others achieve results and live a life they love.

I’ve learned through experience how great it is to have the right support, to be able to test out ideas and ask for help in a safe place. I’ve realised that my commitment to constantly learning and growing has kept me ahead of the game. I’ve learned to fail and I’ve learned how to come back from it.

Planet Peacock is your safe place. I created this club for you entrepreneurs. With your talent, passion and drive and my experience, education and expertise, the only limit to your success will be your imagination.

I look forward to working with you and celebrating your successes.

Carol x

Ultimately my mission is for you to succeed

Get Results

More revenue, more profits, more customers, more fans, great feedback, lower costs, great relationships etc. Set targets that move you towards your goals and see the results come flooding in

Better Life Balance

No more working all hours. The skills and support you’ll gain will improve your focus when you work, meaning you get to enjoy your “down time” more – and you’ll soon see how this improves your overall life

Peer Support

You’ll no longer feel alone! Enjoy making new friends, running your ideas past people you can trust, venting if you need and supporting where you can. It’s the boost that will help get you through the toughest times.

Increased Drive & Motivation

No more dithering! You’ll know what to do, you’ll get the push you need if you get stuck in a rut, you’ll be surrounded by positive people driving you onwards and upwards

Satisfaction, Happiness & Confidence

This is what it’s all about. The great feeling of satisfaction from getting a job done. The confidence in knowing you’re on the right path and the ultimate happiness from living that life you love

Planet Peacock Business Success Club, Library of Resources

All These Benefits for One Small Monthly Fee

  • Continually expanding library of business & personal development resources

  • Private community of likeminded entrepreneurs & small business owners

  • Member’s directory to promote you & your business & find people with services & products to help you

  • Regular Facebook lives & webinars for goal setting, question & answer sessions etc

  • Opportunity to add on discounted one to one consultancy / coaching sessions as required

  • Chance To book on to inspiring business retreats

  • Stay a member as long as it suits you – cancel for free anytime

  • One low monthly affordable fee of £39

So, Are you Ready To Join?

You’ve nothing to lose, but absolutely everything to gain….

Yes Please! Let Me in Now!


Not Ready Yet? Why Not Stay In Touch?

If you’re tempted to join, but not quite ready to get started yet, why not stay in touch?

Just follow the link to complete the Contact Us form, or why not download one of my freebie offers and try out one of my fabulous workbooks. If you are ready to smash goals in 2020, then why not download the one below and get cracking now?

Smash Goals and Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Smash right through your business goals & make 2020 your best year yet with this quick and easy workbook that will take you through all the steps to ensure you maximise success over the next 12 months.

Covering a review of your last 12 months, analysis of habits and behaviours that help or hinder, understanding your “why”, setting your business vision for 1, 5 & 10 years, Setting goals, breaking them down, create do-able tasks and identify resources you need, obstacles you may encounter and support that will ensure you get there.

You can also stay in touch by joining me over on Facebook or Instagram

I hope it’s not long before you come and decide to join me – I can’t wait to welcome you!

So, Are you Ready To Join?

You’ve nothing to lose, but absolutely everything to gain….

Yes Please! Let Me in Now!