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Smash Goals & Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Smash right through your business goals & make 2020 your best year yet with this quick and easy workbook that will take you through all the steps to ensure you maximise success over the next 12 months.

Covering a review of your last 12 months, analysis of habits and behaviours that help or hinder, understanding your “why”, setting your business vision for 1, 5 & 10 years, Setting goals, breaking them down, create do-able tasks and identify resources you need, obstacles you may encounter and support that will ensure you get there.

Smash Your Goals & Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet . Website FREEBIE Download - Consultancy and Coaching

Take The “Bird’s Eye View” – The Essential Business Review

This free downloadable workbook is going to walk you through very simply and help you to:

  • Identify and celebrate (very important!) what you have achieved so far this year – this exercise alone will probably surprise you in just how much you haveachieved
  • Recognise what still needs to be actioned and highlight any obstacles to progress
  • Conduct a reality check – are the goals and actions the right ones to get the results you want?
  • Set out your priorities so you finish your year on a high
The Birds Eye View - The Essential Business Review from Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching

Set up Your Business for Success with this FREE Top Tips Guide on How To Create An Awesome Business.

Download the Top Tips To Create An Awesome Business

Create a business that is deemed for success!
A quick and simple free guide that takes you through all of the areas you need to consider in order to set your business up for success.

Gain immediate clarity and start moving forward with this 5 Step Challenge.

Download the 5 Step Challenge from Consultancy and Coaching

Simple, yet effective coaching exercises, guide you step by step through the mad confusion in to a place where you can: Clarify Goals; Identify Obstacles Holding You Back; Check Your Life for Satisfaction and Balance; Set Your Vision & Goals for the Next 3 Months and Validate Your Answers with a Day Dream Check