The Bird’s Eye View

The Essential Business Review

Are you on target?

Do you even know?

Don’t Panic! It matters not whether you are on target or not – there is still plenty of to plan and take action

Birds Eye View, Free Workbook, Consultancy and Coaching

The Bird’s Eye View

This free downloadable workbook is going to walk you through very simply and help you to:

  • Identify and celebrate (very important!) what you have achieved so far this year – this exercise alone will probably surprise you in just how much you have achieved
  • Recognise what still needs to be actioned and highlight any obstacles to progress
  • Conduct a reality check – are the goals and actions the right ones to get the results you want?
  • Set out your priorities so you finish your year on a high


  • You’ll focus and prioritise time to work on your business with those actions that will get the results you need
  • You’ll take action that you may likely be avoiding
  • You’ll get a sense of renewed energy, focus and motivation that is necessary if you are after SUCCESS
  • You’ll have a new plan that is achievable – one you design to get you from where you are now to where you want to be by the end of the year
  • Satisfaction! From making progress and a great sense of purpose and direction
  • It’s FREE!

Download The FREE Essential Business Review NOW

Hi! I’m Carol Evans, Founder of Consultancy and Coaching and the Planet Peacock Business Success Club for Fabulous Females in Business.

I’ve worked in business all my adult life and set up and run a number of my own businesses over the last 15 years or so.

I’m now a Business Consultant and Coach and am absolutely totally passionate about seeing people achieve results.

I know what it is like to realise you’ve fallen behind. It’s so easy to give up and berate yourself!

But you’re not ready to give up that easily! You have your vision and with a little bit of planning and review, you can still achieve results and end your year on a high.

All you need is to commit to taking action and being brave enough to take that first small step.

Download our free “Bird’s Eye View” Now and see just what is possible for you.

Here’s to your great and continuing success!


Carol Evans, Founder Consultancy and Coaching and Planet Peacock Business Success Club

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Want More Hand’s On Assistance?

The 5 Day Challenge

Using a combination of 1 page worksheets (short, sweet and to the point!) and live sessions over in our Fabulous Females in Business Private Facebook Group, we will work with you to:

  • Re-assess and clarify goals for the next 90 days – ensuring alignment with your overall vision
  • Define the action steps you need to take each month, week and day in order to achieve these goals
  • Implement a process for analysis, review and adjustment
  • Check the resources you need
  • Identify “who” you need to be in order to get these results
5 Day Challenge, Planet Peacock Business Success Club
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