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The Maximum Impact Programme is suitable for well established businesses that are ready to re-invent and transform themselves with Immediate Impact for the next level of success.

This programme is for business owners who are no longer prepared to tolerate inefficiencies and errors that chip away at margins but cannot seem to resolve.

It’s for those businesses who want to maximise a solid return on all assets to significantly extend services, customers and profits.

It’s for those businesses who want to communicate a fresh new vibrant message. Gaining immediate impact with top quality media introducing new products or services, efficiencies, quality, consistency and attentive service that satisfy the needs of their target clients.

This 4 month intensive impact programme will commence with a Business Review and a plan of action may include:

  • Company Structure, Organisational Chart, Reporting Lines, Key Accountabilities

  • Personnel – Job Roles, Descriptions, Contracts, Inductions, Training Needs, Appraisals, Development, Policies & Administration

  • Meetings Map – Purpose, Return on Investment, Audit

  • Identifying Obstacles – Costings, Money Inefficiencies & Leakages, Cashflow, Pricing

  • Organisational Culture & General Workplace Satisfaction, Enthusiasm, Ownership & Engagement

  • Vision for the Future – Goal Setting & Review

  • Sales & Marketing Review – Missed Opportunities, Return on Investment

  • Operating Standards, Processes & Quality Standards

  • Customer Service, Feedback, Testimonials, Case Studies

  • Your Personal Development – Coaching Needs, Leadership Skills, Mindset, Communication Skills, Time Management

So, how do I help you achieve this next level of success?

I come in to your organisation and work with you and your team to identify the root cause of all the problems that are causing inefficiencies, customer complaints and ultimately costing you money. When you’re working in your business it’s really difficult to pinpoint where the problem actually lies.

  • 4 Month Business Consultancy, Coaching & Media Programme

  • 12 Hours Per month for 4 Months

  • 2 x Review Calls Per Month

  • Interim Email / Messenger Support

  • Immediate Impact 360 Video Package – 2 – 3 Minute Professional Promotional Corporate Video with Integrated Music, Captions & Simple Logos

  • 5 Professional Quality Headshots in Consistent Style

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