Business Mastery
Consultancy and Coaching Programme

Business Success Doesn’t Happen By Chance

The Business Mastery Consultancy and Coaching Programme is perfectly designed for small businesses who want to command profitable business growth and business expertise.

Your head may be full of great ideas and you are keen to get cracking, but you are not sure what you should be doing first. You are passionate about your business but don’t want to be spending every waking hour working on it. You’re scared that you might miss something because you’re not sure what you don’t know. You know all about delivering in your business, but have limited experience in being in business.

You keep putting off taking action because you are scared of making the wrong decisions

This programme is designed for you and it is recommended that you commit to a minimum of 4-6 months in order to gain traction and momentum towards your goals and targets.

How The Business Mastery Consultancy and Coaching Programme Will Help You Achieve Your Goals:

  • Business Assessment

    You’ll receive a Business Assessment Form that you will need to complete prior to our one to one sessions. This will give me time to analyse where you are with your business and how we can best help you achieve your priorities.

  • 2 x 90 min One to One Sessions Each Month

    Sessions will cover all business basics, including clarifying your vision, strategy and action plan – this will provide you with a map to follow to get the results you desire. We’ll work together to carve your business niche, client avatar and target market and make sure you have all the marketing, website and social media set up correctly so you can reach them efficiently and effectively.

  • Business Review & Action Plan

    Towards the end of your programme we will conduct a review of your business and progress and agree a detailed action plan that you can follow for on-going success and satisfaction

  • Email / WhatsApp Support

    For any queries holding back your progress or to deal with any confidence / mindset issues getting in the way. The perfect quick solution when needed in between your consultancy and coaching sessions.

Your Investment just £425pm

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Work with me to identify what’s getting in the way of realising the true potential in your business. Identify those nagging problems that keep getting in the way, costing you time and money as well as the opportunities that exist to utilise assets and resources to double profits. Follow the links below to check out which programme may suit you best. Or simply click the button to book a free enquiry call with me, and let’s get results now.

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Business Mastery, Consultancy and Coaching Programme for Businesses. Consultancy and Coaching

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Immediate Impact Corporate Video Package, Consultancy and Coaching

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