Is your business ready for growth & up-levelling?

But, do the same old problems keep getting in the way? Costing you time and money?

Is your head bursting with ideas but you’re just not sure what to action first to get the best results?

Is your organisational structure now outdated and ineffective?

Are your costs escalating, prices being squeezed and margins depleting?

Are you frustrated by the poor return on your sales and marketing? Fearful of just what you should be doing online?

If you’re ready to overcome obstacles and grow your business, and can make the time to take the action required, then please click the button below to book a FREE enquiry call with me

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“…we have seen increases in both turnover and margins at a time when market forces were against us. We continue to use her services to keep us ahead of the competition. She is always professional, personable and highly creative…”

Ken Wells, Garden Isle Hotels

What would it feel like to have:

  • Results that smashed through targets? Funding granted to develop your business? Because that strategy and business plan was so effective

  • Accelerated profitable revenue growth from a newly developed and extended range of products and services as well as existing ones

  • Effective target marketing creating strong customer growth & retention with a lower cost of acquisition

  • Positive cashflow! With all costs under control

  • Amazing reviews from delighted customers who appreciate and welcome your new, improved and consistent customer service

  • A more motivated, efficient, effective and happy team that go beyond expectations and work together to get those results

  • An internet presence that works effectively whilst you sleep, providing and efficient sales and marketing operation

All of this is possible when you commit to take action and get the expertise and accountability you need


I’m Carol. I’ve worked in business virtually all my adult life and set up and run a number of my own businesses over the last 15 years.

I’m now a business consultant and coach, and am absolutely totally passionate about helping people, who are running their own businesses, get the results they desire so they can live the lifestyle they choose.

I combine business consultancy with coaching as most business owners need both and I have oodles of experience that drives success. You cannot develop your business successfully, without also developing your own skills.

I love business. I love the challenges it brings as much as the freedom and pleasure I get by following my own passion and purpose. But, I know how lonely it can feel when you are the boss and the buck stops with you.

If you commit to working with me and taking the required action, you will achieve your goals ambitions much more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Support & Expertise that WILL Get You Results Faster + a Process You’ll Enjoy More

You’ve nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain

“The best advice I ever got, was to hire a Coach…”

Eric Schmidt, Former Chairman & CEO of Google

When we start working together, we action a plan that gets results, and helps you achieve your goals and ambitions

  • Vision, Strategy & Business Plan

    We’ll help you set out your vision for your business and develop your business plan. Setting out your big goals and then breaking them down in to actionable steps.
    We check for goal & core value conflicts as well as resource requirements

  • Define & Clarify Your Target Market

    We’ll help you identify the specific market that you’ll be passionate about serving and who will be most receptive to your business. Specialisation that will lead to greater success and profits.

  • Product/Service Creation

    We’ll work with you to create a range of profitable revenue streams that fills a gap in the market and delights your target market and makes maximum effective use of the business assets and resources you have

  • Branding, Marketing Strategy & Tactical Plan

    Working with you to ensure your business stands out and appeals to your target market, who can see your message and become part of your happy tribe.

  • Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

    We’ll help you overcome self doubt and negative thinking.

    “If just one person can do something, then you too can do it”

    The more you believe in yourself, the more action you are likely to take. The more action you take, the more likely you are to succeed.

  • Leadership

    As your business grows your role changes. We will work with you to ensure that you are operating consistently in the most effective manner and demonstrating strong leadership that exudes confidence and brings results.
    We can also work with middle managers to ensure effective team management across the company, whether for newly appointed personnel or those who have been in post awhile and need to change along with the new company direction.

  • Team Structure

    We will work with you to create an effective team structure with accountabilities, key performance indicators, reporting lines, audit and review, whether you are a business start-up or have outgrown your original set-up.

  • Communication

    We will work with you to improve your communication, both internally and externally. We will help you maximise returns from meetings and ensure that your brand values are reflected throughout your business.

  • Operational Standards and Processes

    Working with you to create your “business bible” that will ensure you receive the huge praise you deserve for operating such consistently high standards, quality and service.

  • Cash is King!

    Generally not everyone’s favourite activity, but we’ll work with you to ensure you have a cashflow, budget, reporting and analysis function set up to ensure you stay on top of income and profit goals.

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