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Carol Evans, Business Coach & Consultant, Consultancy and Coaching

Inspiration, clarity & direction. Flexible, affordable services that drives great action & gets results 
Carol Evans
Business Consultant & Coach
Consultancy and Coaching

Carve Your Profitable Business Niche

Excited & Raring To Go But Not Sure What To Do First?

Frustrated & Stressed Out with a Lack of Progress & Results?

Need Business Expertise to Get to the Next Level?

Business Coaching & Business Consultancy Programmes

Welcome to Consultancy and Coaching – the Place for Growing Businesses

Savvy Strategic Success Solutions that Get You Results

Helping you monetise your ideas, de-clutter your mind and carve out your business niche to live a life you want

How Consultancy and Coaching Will Help You

We’ll help you to turn your vision in to a truly awesome business.
One that provides you with a profitable income to cover your costs and enjoy the lifestyle you choose.

Here you’ll be inspired to take that action you might otherwise put off.
You’ll get access to business expertise, knowledge, skills, processes and experience plus coaching that will have you performing to the best of your ability.
You’ll get business consultancy, business coaching, mentoring – or a mixture of all 3 according to what you need

You Can Do This!

Get Results & Stay Ahead of the Competition Through:

  • Business Strategy & Planning To Get Results & Funding

  • Accelerated Profitable Growth from New and/or Existing Products & Services

  • Customer Growth & Retention

  • Controlling Costs & Positive Cashflows

  • Improved Customer Service & Positive Reviews

  • A More Motivated & Effective Team

  • Better Results from Your Marketing Spend

  • Improved Web Presence

The Help You’ll Get From Consultancy and Coaching 

Support & Expertise that WILL Get you Results Faster + a Process You’ll Enjoy More

Flexible Consultancy and Coaching Programmes where each session will provide you with business consultancy and/or coaching according to your needs at the time.
You Get a 100% guarantee that you will not be tied in to a contract if you need to finish your programme early

You’ve nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain

Some of the Areas We May Work on According To Your Needs

  • Vision, Strategy & Business Plan

    We’ll help you set out your vision for your business and develop your business plan. Setting out your big goals and then breaking them down in to tiny steps that you can action each month, week, day…

    We look to identify if this creates any goal conflicts for you and matches well with your core values.

  • Leadership

    As your business grows your role changes. We will work with you to ensure that you are operating consistently in the most effective manner and demonstrating strong leadership that exudes confidence and brings results.
    We can also work with middle managers to ensure effective team management across the company, whether for newly appointed personnel or those who have been in post awhile and need to change along with the new company direction.

  • Team Structure

    We will work with you to create an effective team structure with accountabilities, key performance indicators, reporting lines, audit and review, whether you are a business start-up or have outgrown your original set-up.

  • Communication

    We will work with you to improve your communication, both internally and externally. We will help you maximise returns from meetings and ensure that your brand values are reflected throughout your business.

  • Define & Clarify Your Target Market

    We’ll help you identify the specific market that you’ll be passionate about serving and who will be most receptive to your business. Specialisation that will lead to greater success.

  • Product/Service Creation

    We’ll work with you to create a range of profitable revenue streams that fills a gap in the market and delights your target market and makes maximum effective use of the business assets and resources you have

  • Branding, Marketing Strategy & Tactical Plan

    Working with you to ensure your business stands out and appeals to your target market, who can see your message and become part of your happy tribe.

  • Operational Standards and Processes

    Working with you to create your “business bible” that will ensure you receive the huge praise you deserve for operating such consistently high standards, quality and service.

  • Cash is King!

    Generally not everyone’s favourite activity, but we’ll work with you to ensure you have a cashflow, budget, reporting and analysis function set up to ensure you stay on top of income and profit goals.

  • Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

    We’ll help you overcome self doubt and negative thinking.

    “If just one person can do something, then you too can do it”

    The more you believe in yourself, the more action you are likely to take. The more action you take, the more likely you are to succeed.