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Are you an agency?2021-06-11T20:10:44+01:00

No, we are a unique partnership of a business consultancy and video production.

It’s us you will meet and us that appear on the shoot and create the end result.

We don’t sub contract or ask for agency style commitments.

But if you have an agency we’ll work with them on your behalf, but typically we work with a company direct to reach their marketing goals.

What if I need more than this?2021-06-11T20:11:19+01:00

That’s great, we put collaboration and partnership at the centre of our way of working.. We like to keep your material in our archives for future projects. It means we can tailor additional videos to suit whatever new goals you have, whether it’s short social media messages to curated audiences, or simply extra promotional content to help you convert more business.

As a media partner we can build up a library of material for you, ensuring you have all you need to stay visible and ahead of the game.

What makes you different from all the other guys?2021-06-11T20:10:10+01:00

It’s our team. There are plenty of video-makers out there, but they don’t have our background or way of working.

We combine years of experience in creating and filming high quality videos with a solid business background  of understanding what a business needs in it’s marketplace.


Why do I need a company video?2021-06-11T20:09:02+01:00

Every business needs a video these days. A google search on your company now places sites with video content highest in SEO ratings and Youtube is the 2nd largest search platform on the internet, and an ideal host for your videos.

Plus, more importantly, a creative, professional video will get your message across in a clear and concise manner in just a couple of minutes and have immediate impact – engage your customers without them having to read through pages of webtext .

A short video story gives instant insight into your business and brand. It builds trust, inspires confidence making a potential customers decision to work with you much easier.

Who do you work with?2021-05-26T12:30:57+01:00

We work direct with single entrepreneurs to bigger national companies .

We have experience in healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, travel and leisure sectors.

Can I get extra versions for Instagram if I need them?2021-06-11T20:07:41+01:00

Yes, we can keep material on our archive for at least 5 years and are happy to quote for creating different version edits for new requirements

What if I have existing video segments or pictures to include in this video?2021-06-11T20:06:25+01:00

We are always happy to look at this and can advise if the technical quality is good enough and if it needs licensing to use again.

Do I need copyright?2021-06-11T20:04:24+01:00

No, all the video material we create has a license, that means you can use it, without  any time restriction on your company website, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Trade and Exhibitions anywhere in the World.

It’s exclusively yours too, for 5 years, which means you can’t sell or hire the content to someone else. We also use the videos we make to promote ourselves and your business too.


Is background music included in the video package?2021-05-26T12:26:01+01:00

Yes, we allow for one music track per video. We select and use high quality tracks that are licensed to use on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and websites.

Can I change the video after the editing?2021-05-26T07:44:02+01:00

We allow up to  2 hrs additional editing to make small tweaks and amendments following your preview, this might be to revise captions, add extra logos etc.

How long before I can see the final video?2021-06-11T20:02:04+01:00

Usually 5-10 working days after the  shoot, the video is available to preview, we can do quicker turnarounds by arrangement

Is editing included in the video package?2021-06-11T20:01:16+01:00

Yes, one finished version of the video, typically lasting 2-3 minutes is then edited from the material created on the shoot day.

We include simple captions, and a company logo at the end.

We can provide you with additional shorter edits for instagram and other social media platforms for an additional cost.

Which locations do you cover?2021-05-26T07:38:58+01:00

We are happy to film almost anywhere. We regularly work right across the UK and in fact have worked in most places around the world! 

Travel up to 50 miles from Warwick is included in our costs, outside of that there are additional charges for travel time and expenses

Where does filming take place?2021-05-26T07:37:55+01:00

The filming takes place at one location of your choice. 

If you have additional locations, then adding these in can bring added value, and we can give you a price to do this, either within the same project or as a new project at a later date.

What’s included in the Immediate Impact Video Package?2021-06-11T19:57:02+01:00

We include a full day filming at one location, with a 3 person professional video crew, 

Before the ‘shoot’ day a member of our production team will visit the location to select areas suitable for filming, discuss the video content and in consultation with you, produce a simple Q&A document.

On the shoot day these  Q&As will be the basis for an interview with up to two people at your business. Their answers will become voiceovers for the company story.

How Can I Book a One to One Session With You?2019-05-01T10:37:53+01:00

You will be able to buy this via PayPal and then you will receive a scheduling link to my appointment diary, where you will be able to book a time that’s suitable for you.

There’ll be a short form for you to complete, so I know what your priority is before we start the call

What Do Your Prices Include?2019-01-23T07:53:34+00:00

In addition to providing you with the 1:1 sessional time as per your agreement, your price includes time that we spend preparing in advance for your session.

This includes sending and reviewing your initial forms and carrying out any necessary research. Each session is followed up with a report and action plan.

Email support is provided for those of you booked on to Business Success Programmes.

You are asked to complete a Pre-Call Form prior to your next session, which is reviewed and an outline session plan is formulated by us.

Planet Peacock Insider Success Programmes include unlimited access to professional business and personal development resources, private facebook group for networking, brainstorming and seeking and giving advice, plus early access to Business Retreats.

Do I need a Business Consultant or Business Coach?2019-01-23T07:48:30+00:00

If you are in, or looking to be in business, the chances are that you will most likely need both!

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs need the practical advice, analysis, problem solving and brainstorming from a Business Consultant, but in search of long term solutions and success, will also need work on their own personal development.

A Business Coach will focus on your personal development, helping you create your own success through areas such as:

  • Mindset
  • Self Sabotaging Behaviours & Habits (procrastination, distraction etc)
  • Clarity
  • Decision-Making
  • Taking Action

A Business Coach will empower you to be the best version of you, you can be.

A Business Consultant helps you solve problems and grow your business. They analyse and assess the weaknesses in your business and then provide advice and make recommendations. Areas covered generally will include:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Growth, Branding & Marketing
  • Leadership & Management
  • Human Resources
  • Operating Processes & Standards, Customer Service
  • Revenue, Profits & Cash

One of the key benefits of choosing toward with Consultancy and Coaching is that our services are totally flexible and geared around your needs.

If we assess together that you need coaching then that is the service that we will deliver. If you need consultancy then we will provide that.

It may be that your needs change from month to month. It may be that if you are working with us that we provide a mixture of both consultancy and coaching.

In our experience, many new business owners and those looking to take their business to the next level, do need a mixture of business consultancy (expertise with business processes) in addition to coaching that will help them develop long terms skills that lead to ultimate success.

Do you Offer a Free Discovery Session?2019-05-22T14:39:46+01:00

We offer a FREE Discovery Call for people looking to purchase the Business Blast Off Programme and the Business Re-Structure & Up-Level Programme. Please follow the links on the respective pages to schedule this in.


What Is A Business Coach?2018-01-28T12:52:25+00:00

A Business Coach works with a Business Owner to help move their business from where it is to where they want it to be. This may be done through clarifying the product and service offering, developing a business vision and strategy, developing skills for business and marketing that grow revenues, profits and improve effectiveness. A business coach is there to challenge, inspire and help you and your business grow and achieve success.

When Do I Have To Pay for My Sessions?2017-01-27T11:07:14+00:00

All coaching and consultancy sessions should be paid for prior to the session taking place. No costs are built in our pricing to cover the administration of chasing up payment. We therefore appreciate your promptness in making payment.

How Do I Make Payment?2018-01-28T12:39:52+00:00

Payment can be made either by Paypal (where you can just use your credit / debit card if you do not have a paypal account). Alternatively you can pay by direct bank transfer

What Businesses Do You Work With?2017-01-27T11:02:15+00:00

Consultancy and Coaching work with all kinds of businesses. The key issues for all businesses are the same: Strategy & Planning, Profitable Revenue, Consistent Operation, Audit & Review. Within those areas are multiple tasks that need to be completed i.e. sales and marketing, standards and procedures etc. Whether your business is young and tiny or growing big, the elements you need in place are the same. This also applies across the different industries.

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