About Us, Consultancy and Coaching

Who Am I?

Hi.  I’m Carol  a results loving Business Consultant & Coach with strong addictions to travelling, photography and Yorkshire Tea!

With a life-long focus on business, I’ve climbed the corporate ladder – at least to the point where my “entrepreneurial wings” were clipped, and I’ve been an entrepreneur now for over 15 years.

I’ve seen a lot of success – failure too – and a lot of highs and lows in between.

I know that it’s not what happens to you that is important, but how you handle it.

Like me, you probably know what it takes to be successful in your business, but you get swamped with in-decision, bouncing back and forth between a fear of failure and a fear of success. You spend virtually all waking hours working in your business or worrying about it. You lie awake at night stressing about how you can up-level your business and achieve those lofty goals of yours and at the same time being able to sit back and enjoy life a bit more.

I totally get it!

I’ve been so driven to achieve that I burned out. I’ve suffered with perfection paralysis, comparison-itis, compared my start to someone else’s end, been so impatient even waiting for the kettle to boil got me rattled!

I never saw any negatives. I strove for what I wanted. I loved it – well most of it anyway! When I failed in business, it came as a huge shock. I didn’t know what to do. I suddenly developed characteristics I had never known before…

Still, I knew it was all down to me, and I had to get back on to my feet and start again. However this “fear of failure” – that I hadn’t “met” before, was suddenly blocking my view. “It” kept me in my comfort zone. Kept me playing so small. Left me feeling dissatisfied. Unfulfilled. Guilty for not being the “me” I was meant to be.

I committed to learning all I could and was able to carve a new business that filled me with joy and satisfaction as well as utilise all my past learning and experiences.

I now work with Entrepreneurs and small – medium business owners who are looking to seriously up-level their business, unlock their true potential and live the life they want. I also run the Planet Peacock Business Success Club and Transformational Business & Visibility Retreats for fabulous female entrepreneurs.

Helping businesses truly focus in on their market, deliver an exceptional product / service consistently, create a top performing happy team, set strategies that excites them in to action, analyse and audit so they can feel confident with their “work in progress”, make the kind of money they want and ultimately find time outside their working day to enjoy all they love with those they love.

Ultimately I only work with people looking to move from good to great. With those who want to make a difference.

When you choose to work with me, you are not just committing your financial resources, but more importantly your time and 100% presence. That’s what it takes to get brilliant results and that’s what I focus on.

Working in Partnership To Get You & Your Business The Best Results Possible

Well, you know the saying about surrounding yourself with the best people, and here at Consultancy and Coaching it’s no different.

I’m thrilled to be able to work in partnership with internationally renowned award winning photographer and videographer Tim Max Hetherington. He is simply a master at creating the right image – whether that be photo or video. For your business to grow you know you need to be more visible. You need a strong visual presence that communicates your message, quality, professionalism and standards. I’ve not met anyone who does this better than Tim. For those booking the Maximum Impact Programme or attending a Business Retreat, then you will benefit from Tim’s work. Should you opt for an alternative service, then you may of course add Tim’s services in as required.