Majorca Oct 2020, Unstoppable. The Business Accelerator & Visibility Retreat, Consultancy and Coaching. Carol Evans

Are you fed up of playing small?

Are you ready to put yourself “out there”?

Claim your role as “expert”?

Do you want to grow your business in a significant and profitable way?

Has in-decision, doubts, fears and a busy mind held you back from taking brave consistent action?

Do you struggle to find quality time to work ON your business?

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Then get ready to step out of your comfort zone and commit to generating

significant Profit by following your Passion & Purpose 

Just imagine….

You wake up in the morning. There’s an unusual sense of peace and stillness. Then, you remember. No rush. No deadlines. This is your time.

You amble outside in the early morning sun. Enjoy the sweet cool taste of fresh juice and feel the warmth of the welcome from other guests.

You find your space. Awaken your mind and body with gentle stretching and meditation. You’re already feeling amazing.

You savour tasty, delicious wholesome food.

You head in to the first workshop. You’re optimistic. You’re excited. You’re ready for transformation.

In the idyllic beauty of Majorca, far away from the stresses and strains of modern day life and the tourist track, you’ll find inspiration, peace and a gorgeous luxurious location, where you can work with a small group of female business owners to smash through your glass ceiling and create a plan to achieve your dream business and most fulfilling life..

During this fabulous short intimate retreat you’ll dig deep and face up to the obstacles holding you back from achieving your biggest dreams.

Identifying and claiming your “big why” and fuelled with renewed passion, drive and clarity, you’ll set out your vision.

You’ll bring your “future-self” in to life.

You’ll leave with a clear strategy, detailed 90 day plan of action, professional branded photos, 45 second “elevator pitch” video and  total confidence, inspiration and motivation

Re-Treat, Business Retreats, Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching, Planet Peacock

What You Can Expect

Arrival Day

Check in to your fabulous luxurious accommodation. If you want to save yourself a few pounds then you can opt to share a twin-bedded room with a fellow participant – don’t worry you’ll all get to know one another before you arrive via a private pop up facebook group especially for this retreat.

Head down for a mix and mingle and refreshing drink before we get started on our first workshop.

Here you’ll dig deep and identify the root cause of the obstacles that are holding back your progress and keeping you playing small. You’ll take stock of your current situation, identifying your most beautiful, unique and excellent assets along with what makes your heart truly sing.

We’ll take a walk where you’ll be encouraged to release and free yourself from any limitations and then after a silent contemplative walk back, you’ll set out your statement of unstoppable intention.

End the day relaxing with new friends over dinner and drinks

Day 2

Start the day by enjoying the early morning sun. Why not take a gentle stroll, or head out to the patio and enjoy some quiet meditation or stretching to set you up for an incredible day.

Savour a delicious breakfast before heading in to our morning workshop focussing on the power of clarity.

Here we are going to focus on helping you get totally clear on what you can achieve. We’ll bring your distant dreams in to focus by looking at the reality of what it will take for you to get there. You’ll identify the habits, behaviours, thoughts, mindset as well as the practical physical assets you’ll need in order to get there.

You’ll set in to your future self, noticing how you look, feel, speak, listen and present yourself. You’ll choose to adopt those traits you can right now.

You’ll create your daily resilience rituals to keep you on the road to success.

You will set out and create your mission and vision as well as your “elevator pitch” which will help you reach and attract your dream clients

Because visibility is an integral part of business success, you’ll then get some tips on how you can create your very best image on photo and video.

You’ll then have time to chill-out, review your progress and rest whilst we undertake a mini make-over and personal photoshoot for all attendees. Taken by our professional internationally renowned award winning photographer,Tim Max Hetherington,  you can be assured that these will be images you will proudly display on your website and social media.  You’ll also get to record your 45 second elevator pitch so you have the highest quality video content for sharing your message.

In the evening you’ll attend our “Millionaire’s Cocktail Party” where you will come as your “future-successful-self”.

Day 3

Start the day by enjoying the early morning sun. Why not take a gentle stroll, or head out to the patio and enjoy some quiet meditation or stretching to set you up for an incredible day.

Savour a delicious breakfast before heading in to a workshop where you will set out your renewed business strategy. Identifying the key goals that will create your route to success.

We’ll then head off on a local trip to see a little more of this stunning country. Here you’ll be able to grab a bit of free time for shopping and eating before we head back for our final session.

In this final workshop you will set out a detailed plan of action to cover the next 90 days.

Unstoppable. Business Accelerator & Visibility Retreat, Majorca 2020

So, Just who is this business retreat for?

This Unstoppable Business Accelerator & Visibility Retreat is simply perfect for those of you who are at a plateau in your business.

Business is ticking over. You’re busy working hard but still find time to think about how you’d really like your business to run and succeed. But something is holding you back. You know you are playing small, but you can’t quite find the time, space, energy, clarity or confidence to smash through your self imposed glass ceiling.

You want to play bigger but you’re not sure how.

You know you need to be more visible, but absolutely hate having your photo taken and avoid making videos.

You’ve been in your comfort zone for too long now and are ready to step out, take brave consistent action and invest in getting the best support and resources you can in order to get the transformation you are ready for.

So, who are we?

I’m Carol Evans, lifelong business woman, entrepreneur and founder of Consultancy and Coaching and Planet Peacock.

I’m passionate about equipping business owners with the business skills they need to run hugely successful businesses and live their life to the full. 

I know how hard it can be to juggle the demands of modern day living alongside running a business. How, even with the best intentions, it’s so difficult to break out of old habits, behaviours and unhelpful thought patterns. I know how scary it can be to put yourself out there and be visible, but I also know, how with the right skills, support and advice you can do it with ease and confidence.

I’ve worked in business virtually all my adult life. I’ve run hospitals, hotels, spas. I’ve franchised businesses across different countries, I’ve turned failing businesses around, I’ve managed budgets of £10m and received a funding offer for €18m for my first business venture.

I’ve created fabulous high performing management teams, created innovative national services, been invited to Downing Street, The Treasury and spoke at the House of Lords.

I’ve done every course imaginable and am a dedicated life-long learner. I love being in business and am absolutely totally passionate about helping others achieve results and live a life they love.

I’m privileged to be working alongside the professional internationally renowned award winning photographer and videographer Tim Max Hetherington who will get you the results you desire to proudly to display as part of your personal branding as you set out to reap the success from your plan of action.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve your most fulfilling life and hugely successful business.

Carol x

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 2 Nights Luxurious Accommodation

  • Breakfast on Days 2 & 3

  • Welcome Refreshments Arrival Day

  • Evening Dinner Day 1

  • Lunch Day 2

  • Millionaire’s Cocktail Party & Dinner Day 2

  • Local Trip Day 3

  • Mini Make Over Day 2

  • Personal Branded Photoshoot (4 – 6 images) & 45 Second “Elevator Pitch” Video by Internationally Renowned Award Winning Photographer Tim Max Hetherington

  • 4 Workshops by Lifelong Business Woman & Entrepreneur Carol Evans

  • Pop-Up Private Facebook Group for Retreat Group

  • Comprehensive Resource Guide, Workbooks & Checklists

  • Goody Bag

Personal Branded Photoshoot & Elevator Pitch, Re-Treat, Business Retreats, Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching, Planet Peacock
Unstoppable Business Accelerator & Visibility Retreat October 2020 with Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching

…And Here’s What’s Not Included:

  • Travel To Destination – Flights, Transfers

  • Drinks (some drinks are included)

  • Lunch Day 3 on Local Trip

  • Tips

  • Personal Travel & Medical Insurances

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