Business Accelerator
Consultancy and Coaching Programme

Head Full of Ideas ..?  Not Sure What To Do First ..?

Accelerate Your Business with the Boost it Needs

De-Clutter Your Mind

Clarify Your Target Market

Create Profitable Revenue Streams

Hit Your Targets & Exceed Customer Expectations

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The Business Accelerator Consultancy and Coaching Programme is designed to give your business a boost.

If your business is still an idea, new or simply just not progressing in the way you want it to, then this short sharp programme may be perfect for you.

If you have a head filled with ideas but can’t decide on how to package your products/services in to specific profitable revenue streams, or just don’t know how to target a specific market or are unsure of how to get in front of the people who will buy from you, then this Business Accelerator Programme will help you to define and clarify all of this.

Business success is dependent on having clearly defined products / services that meet the needs of specific people. They need to be priced so they make you profit from the start and your target market needs to be one that will pay that price. You need to then know how to get what you are selling in front of these specific people so they know you are there.

The Business Accelerator Consultancy and Coaching Programme will first look at a snapshot of where you are in your business in preparation for a one to one session where all of the above topics will be covered. You will then go away and develop the ideas further and then we will have a follow up call to discuss any queries and confirm how you will move forward and progress with your business goals.

Your Business Accelerator Consultancy and Coaching Programme Includes:

  • Business Assessment Form

    You will receive a form for completion which will be analysed and reviewed prior to your initial one to one session.

  • 1 x 60 Minute One to One Sessions

    This session is designed to clarify your target market, create your client avatar, create targeted profitable revenue streams that meet the needs of your target market and fulfil your own passions and utilise your best abilities and identify the most cost effective options for raising awareness of this amongst this specific group of people.

  • 20 Minute Follow Up Call

    You will go away after your initial one to one session to develop the ideas further. This follow up call will provide an opportunity for you to raise any queries you have after doing this, and then also agree your way forward in the business in order for you to progress towards achieving your goals.


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