Business Growth Consultancy

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Consultancy and Coaching

What could you be doing right now to immediately increase and grow your business?

Are you unsure of what to implement first and how to go about it?

Are you too busy working in your business to take time out to work on your business?

Google Adwords with Consultancy and Coaching

Google Adwords

if you are not on the first page of google how will your prospects find you? Use google adwords to get you there right now. Set up your campaign correctly and this will be the most cost effective advertising you do.

Social Media with Consultancy and Coaching

Social Media

How are you interacting with your prospects and customers online? How dynamic is your online presence? Are you maximising the potential this offers your business and the opportunity for your “faithful followers” to spread the word about you?

Promotional Materials, Consultancy and Coaching

Promotional Materials

do the materials you use talk more about “we” and “us” rather than “you” Are all your materials “action orientated”? Are you still actively promoting offline? If you are not you could be missing out on clients – make sure you have a balance between online and offline promotions

Conversion Rate, Consultancy and Coaching

Conversion Rate

how often are you following up your prospects? How are your enquiries handled? If you are not actively following up each and every prospect you are leaving money on the table!

Repeat Customers Consultancy and Coaching

Repeat Customers

how often do you communicate with customers? What do you do to encourage recommendations and referrals?

Web Marketing Consultancy and Coaching

Website Effectiveness

are you happy with your website performance? Does it bring you enough unique visitors and page views? Does the “look” and “feel” of the site represent your business? Is it appealing to your target market? Is it simple to navigate?

SEO Consultancy and Coaching


how easy can your website be found on search engines? Does your website naturally appear on the first page of search results?

Create Value Added Packages for Business Growth

Value Added Packages

don’t fall in to the risky of business of being driven by price. Offer your customers value added packages and keep your pricing profitable.

Being effective in any of the above areas will increase your business.
Doing all of the above effectively will dramatcially increase your business.

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If you are reading so far I can only assume that you have set yourselves apart from other business owners and want to take action.

If your business is constantly struggling, or, maybe it’s not struggling, but you just know it can perform better. Find out proven techniques and strategies that will help you to turn your business up and around.

When you work for yourself it is very easy to put things off. When you are the boss there is no-one to shout at you for not delivering and taking action.

 I promise not to shout. What I will do is

  • Provide You With The Knowledge & Activities To Get The Results You Need in the Quickest Time Possible

  • Give You Focused Expertise That Will Take Your Business Further

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