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Business Plans By Consultancy and Coaching

Running your business without a business plan is the same as driving to a new destination without directions.

You may get there in the end, but you’ll probably have taken many detours, twice the time and used a lot more fuel.

Luck would also have had to be on your side!

A Business Plan is critical to your business

A Business Plan helps you to stay focused and helps you prioritise which actions to take.

Many entrepreneurs will say that they don’t need a plan to succeed. That may be true for a few but your business is more likely to fail without one.

A Business Plan will help you:

  • Define your overall business idea

  • Detail what service/products you will sell

  • Identify who your market will be, how big that market is and the best ways of reaching that market in order to make them aware of your business

  • Review who else operates in your business arena, how well they service the market and where there is room for your business

  • Decide what you need to run your business and how these needs may change over time as your business grows

  • Plan how much money you need to start up and then run your business on a daily basis.

  • Identify potential problems and enable you to prepare for them.

  • Produce a set of clear and timely objectives that can be delegated throughout your organisation and used to measure and evaluate performance

  • Secure finance as and when required from lending organisations

Benefits of a Business Plan by Consultancy and Coaching

Consultancy and Coaching will produce a bespoke Business Plan for you.

Years of practical business and management experience means we know what you need.

Consultancy and Coaching will ensure your business plan is comprehensive and fully represents your vision for your business.

Your business plan will set out your strategy, your market, your budgets in a clear, concise and attractive document ensuring professionalism and believability.

Consultancy and Coaching have produced business plans for small businesses turning over £50,000 up to one successfully raising €16m funding for a start up.

Each plan is completely targeted to the business as well as for the main purpose intended, for example raising finance.

When you contract Consultancy and Coaching to create your business plan, you are setting out your business with a clear strategy in mind. This  puts you in control rather than the business having control of you.

Without a business plan it is likely that your business will own you, rather than you be your own boss.

Owning a business without a plan is simply buying yourself a job.

Make sure your business is set up to succeed and bring you the results you desire.

If you don’t have a comprehensive business plan, whatever the size of your business, contact us now to get your business on track.

The Basic Business Plan

The Basic Business Plan is suitable for you if you have all of your information to hand but need help putting it together professionally. We’ll take your details and write them up using your company’s branding adding images and charts where relevant. This type of plan is most suitable for “one-man band” type businesses or small businesses providing an updated version of an on-going business plan. It may be especially useful for those small businesses who may be required, or wish to give confidence to, investors/banks.


The Detailed Business Plan

The Detailed Business Plan is an option for you if you are starting from scratch. We’ll put all the information you need together which will be based on us asking you a series of questions. This business plan may be most suitable for small businesses looking to raise a small amount of funding or gain an overdraft. It is also useful for businesses with a number of directors/shareholders as it sets out the plan for the business and can therefore provide an agreed route to be followed keeping everyone on track.


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