Adopting a Creative Mindset

Real Business Success Comes When You Have the Confidence to be Creative

Put your hand up if you think of yourself as “creative”.
My guess is that unless you are in a “creative” business you will not consider yourself to be creative.
Many of us start a business because we are technically the best. We know our business, we know there is a market for it, and we know we have a great business case. When it comes to anything creative, well, we turn to those who are creative to help us!

How You Can Be More Creative – Easily!

Now I’m not for one minute suggesting you have the ability to create amazing artwork or design websites etc, but what I would like you to consider for one moment is how you could be more creative in how you deliver your service.

A good place to start this process is to review what has worked for you so far this year. Ask yourself what has been your biggest seller this year? What have your customers raved about?

Now, consider any aspects of your business that have not gone as well as you would have liked. Be honest here. Are there any aspects of your sales process that could be more simple? more accessible? more customer friendly? Does every aspect of your “brand” appeal to your target market?

Generally, the easiest place to start looking at where you can add value to your business by adopting a creative mindset is on the “people” side. For instance, if you are in retail, you may not be able to make a case for reducing the time that customers have to queue. However you could easily make a case for reducing the perceived time that customers have to queue.

To carry out this task you need to be empathetic with your customers. Feel how they feel during each stage of their customer journey. Identify those customers whose experience could be improved then find a way to make it better. Remember: Any improvements you make have to also be technically correct and should also fit within your business model. It’s no good introducing something that costs you money!

Creativity works best for your business when the technical aspects, the business case and the market need/appeal all work.

Developing Your Creativity Muscles

Creativity exists in all of us.

It’s no different to any muscle in your body. The more you use your creativity the stronger it gets.

When we are good at the technical aspects of our businesses we can sometimes feel insecure at the thought of stepping outside of our comfort zone and possibly looking foolish. However you do have this ability within you and the more you draw on this learned skill the better you will become. Get in to the habit of putting your initial solutions on the back burner whilst you allow yourself time to really explore how you can make often simple changes for the better.

Why not set yourself a target to regular review your business – not just from an analytical perspective but from a creative aspect. See how much more difference you can make to your customers and your business WILL benefit.

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