Are you an agency?


No, we are a unique partnership of a business consultancy and video production. It’s us you will meet and us that appear on the shoot and create the end result. We don’t sub contract or ask for agency style commitments. But if you have an agency we’ll work with them on your behalf, but typically we [...]

What if I need more than this?


That’s great, we put collaboration and partnership at the centre of our way of working.. We like to keep your material in our archives for future projects. It means we can tailor additional videos to suit whatever new goals you have, whether it’s short social media messages to curated audiences, or simply extra promotional content to [...]

What makes you different from all the other guys?


It’s our team. There are plenty of video-makers out there, but they don’t have our background or way of working. We combine years of experience in creating and filming high quality videos with a solid business background  of understanding what a business needs in it’s marketplace.  

Why do I need a company video?


Every business needs a video these days. A google search on your company now places sites with video content highest in SEO ratings and Youtube is the 2nd largest search platform on the internet, and an ideal host for your videos. Plus, more importantly, a creative, professional video will get your message across in a clear [...]

Who do you work with?


We work direct with single entrepreneurs to bigger national companies . We have experience in healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, travel and leisure sectors.

Do I need copyright?


No, all the video material we create has a license, that means you can use it, without  any time restriction on your company website, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Trade and Exhibitions anywhere in the World. It’s exclusively yours too, for 5 years, which means you can’t sell or hire the content to someone else. We also [...]

Is editing included in the video package?


Yes, one finished version of the video, typically lasting 2-3 minutes is then edited from the material created on the shoot day. We include simple captions, and a company logo at the end. We can provide you with additional shorter edits for instagram and other social media platforms for an additional cost.

Which locations do you cover?


We are happy to film almost anywhere. We regularly work right across the UK and in fact have worked in most places around the world!  Travel up to 50 miles from Warwick is included in our costs, outside of that there are additional charges for travel time and expenses

Where does filming take place?


The filming takes place at one location of your choice.  If you have additional locations, then adding these in can bring added value, and we can give you a price to do this, either within the same project or as a new project at a later date.

What’s included in the Immediate Impact Video Package?


We include a full day filming at one location, with a 3 person professional video crew,  Before the ‘shoot’ day a member of our production team will visit the location to select areas suitable for filming, discuss the video content and in consultation with you, produce a simple Q&A document. On the shoot day these  Q&As [...]

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