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If you are independent hotelier or maybe a small hotel group you may be increasingly concerned about how you stand out in an ever competitive environment. With international agencies with huge marketing budgets and voucher sites charging big commissions for your cheapest prices you may wonder where on earth your profit contribution is going to come from.

Consultancy and Coaching can provide a great number of services to assist you on an as and when needed basis as well as on a regular sessional/contracted basis. All services are ultimately designed to increase numbers of guests, improve feedback and drive profits up.

Hotel Inspector

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. As a busy hotelier you may sense that your business is not going in the direction that you had planned. Hotel Consultancy offers you an independent review of your business and plan of action covering:

Customer Service

is the service you are delivering of the right standard for your target market and is it consistently delivered across all departments each and every day?


is the hotel as clean as it should be? are the menus right for the target market, cooked and presented as they should be? is the standard of dress within the business acceptable and consistent? Are the furnishings and decor right for your market?

Management & Leadership

is there a strong sense of leadership in the business? Do staff know and carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively? Is all internal communication effective? Are there audit checks in place along with staff reviews and appraisals? What is your staff satisfaction like? (happy staff = happy guests)

Guest Reviews

are you actively collecting and displaying guest feedback and reviews? Do you pro-actively manage your Tripadvisor account?


how do you promote your business? Are you targetting your market effectively? Are you using digital and social media to your advantage? Are your printed documents consistent with your brand and quality standards?

Standards and Procedures 

how do you staff know what to do? How up to date and detailed are your standards and procedures?

Profit and Cash

how effectively do you manage your money? Are you on top of your accounts? Do you know that the services you provide make a profit for you? Do you manage your cashflow and stay on top? Do you have a contingency plan if the market falls or interest rates increase?

With over 30 years hotel experience Consultancy and Coaching over a comprehensive and value added service that will assist you in identifying key areas for improvement as well as solutions that will ultimately improve your quality of life and business results.

Hotel Promotional Services

Digital Marketing – here we can cover everything for you or just do those bits you can’t cover. Website content, blogs, social media, pay per click, email newsletters, data capture, auto-responders, online booking and seo. Getting this right is now critical for your on-going success as a business. You need to be found online. You need to have a desirable image, you need social proof of just how good you are, you need to be able to keep in touch so you can build a sense of trust and demonstrate a quality service that your prospective guest can look forward to. You need an online booking engine that offers a secure, quick and simple booking process.

All of these areas we can assist you.

We know what you need to do to get your website ranking higher. We know how to create landing pages that create desire and sell rooms. We know how to keep in touch with people so when they are ready to buy they buy from you. We know what your prospective guests want from you and can help you present this in a manner that will get you the business.

Since contracting Carol in 2010 we have seen increases in both turnover and margins at a time when market forces were against us. We continue to use her services to keep us ahead of the competition. She is always professional and personable, highly creative and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ken Wells, Garden Isle Hotels

We are here to help you. We will work with you and your existing team to produce the information that is required. After an initial discussion we can advise an estimate based on the work you require us to do.

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