Weekly Goal Check-In

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  • You’ve worked out your goals.

  • You’re overcoming obstacles.

  • Your mindset is perfectly positive.


Day to day “stuff” is threatening to get in your way and drown your plans…

If you have already worked out your goals and know what you want to achieve then you may benefit from this short and sweet Weekly Goal Check In Service.

Persevere! The only way to truly succeed is to keep going…

The Weekly Goal Check In is basically a 10 minute telephone conversation with myself where I ask you to report on the progress you have made towards your goals in the last 7 days and to confirm what action you are going to take in the next 7 days.

It helps when you have someone to be accountable to. With a weekly check in you are much more likely to take the action that you need in order to achieve your goals.

How Does This Weekly Goal Check-In Work?

It works very simply.

You just pay £50 per month for a 10 minute session each week in advance and book a slot within a 2 hour time period each week. I will then confirm 48 hours in advance the 30 minute slot that is yours. Then simply call me at that time.

During the call you will be asked to run through all the actions you have taken towards your goals and highlight any changes to your plan that you have felt the need to make. You can then set out what you plan to do until our next call.

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The weekly goal check in will:

Stimulate your motivation and ensure you prioritise the actions you need to take which you may be prepared to put off without it.

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