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Transform Your Business with Business Coaching from Consultancy and Coaching

  • Clarify & Define your Business Strategy

  • Grow Profitable Revenue Streams

  • Overcome Mindset Issues that are Holding You Back

  • Identify New Market Opportunities

  • Focus Your Business – Develop your Niche

  • Grow and Develop an Effective Team

  • Improve Communication Skills to Get Results

Are you driven to seriously grow and develop your business?
Are you confused as to what to do first?
Are you maximising your most profitable business opportunities?
Are you working efficiently and effectively?

Coaching For Business Success

With a business coach you will have confidence and accountability to take actions that get results. You can create a plan for your business success and with the support of your business coach you will find yourself achieving your business goals.

A business Coach can help you see the areas of your business that need work. With careful assessment a Business Coach can help identify what is holding your business back. It is often the accumulation of positive small changes that can impact your business massively.

Coaching for Business Success, Consultancy and Coaching
Business Coaching for Business Success, Consultancy and Coaching

Business Coaching – How It Works

Most business coaching sessions happen on the telephone or Skype. That way you can fit them in easily and conveniently and can just about be anywhere in the world.

Each telephone / skype session lasts 55 minutes (unless specified differently)  and you will need to commit additional time to be spent working on your agreed action points in between your business coaching sessions. For additional expertise you may wish to consider Business Consultancy which would involve us working together face to face – usually at your business location.

Payment is made in advance of your session and you may re-arrange your appointment time up to 24 hours in advance without charge. Should you decide to stop your life coaching sessions before you have used those you have paid for in advance then a full refund will be made. Payment can be made securely online via the paypal links below.

Business Coaching Bonuses

Planet Peacock Online Community of Fabulous Females in BusinessSuccess Programmes & Planet Peacock Membership

Exclusively for Fabulous Females in Business (Sorry Guys!)

Consultancy and Coaching offer a variety of Success Programmes that you can sign up to that suits your business coaching needs.

For those of you who want a little more, take a look at what the Planet Peacock Private Member’s Club can offer you.

Choose from 4 Levels – where even the Core Level provides huge benefits that will help you and your business soar.

With all levels you will get access to a full library of business resources that will cover everything from business basics to mindset and business growth. Plus you will be invited to join a Facebook group where you can brainstorm ideas and support likeminded women. Numbers are being kept tight so this does not lead to overwhelm and it allows us to be a big part of the conversations.

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