7 Secrets of the Super Successful Blog by Consultancy and CoachingIf you are in business you probabaly already know that you have to be “different” to succeed.
However did you know that there are things you can do to help you become “super successful”?
If you look around the globe and back through history at some of the most successful people you’ll find they do things differently.

If you want more success then you need to do more than enough to just get by. Here are 7 tips to help you in your endeavours to become “Super Successful:

Stop Multi-Tasking!

Yes, you did hear right! Whilst the ability to multi-task is quite seen as a desirable trait there is evidence to suggest that multi-tasking actually makes you less efficient and is linked to short term memory loss. So, focus on one thing at a time. If you’ve many things to work on diairise set times for each task. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged from task to another. Give each task your maximum attention and brain power. Don’t be checking your emails all the time – make time throughout the day for returning phone calls and dealing with emails etc. You’ll do a better job if you focus on each task in hand.

Rise and Shine

Give yourself an early start. Follow the leaders and start your day early. Jumping out of bed early puts you ahead of the game – you’ll feel so much more productive and will be generally more pro-active. All good for your business!

Fix Your Hours

Many of us head in to our business so we can benefit from flexible working eg watching the school football match etc. However it is vital that you still fix the hours that you are going to work and stick to them. You must be disciplined about the hours you work – and that also means stopping working in to family time too! Communicate your working hours to family and friends so everyone respects them – this will mean you have fewer distractions and you’ll be loads more productive.


If you are hoping to be as successful as you possibly can be then you will end up with a lot of things to do. Don’t let the growth and development of your business suffer because you are holding on to doing too many tasks. Learn to delegate tasks that can be done efficiently and effectively by someone else. Focus on doing the things you do best.

Work On Your Business

What percentage of time do you allow yourself for working ON your business compared to working IN your business? If you are the business owner only YOU can decide which direction your business is going. Make time in your diary to do this. Use the time to catch up on industry news and developments and planning how your business will grow. If you don’t make space for this crucial time then you’ll find each day becomes overloaded leaving you no time to do this. You’ll just end up working really hard. Get your diary out now and schedule some Business Development time.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

We all feel fear. The difference between the super successful and those who just get by is that the super successful feel the fear and do it anyway! Acknowledge your fear but don’t let it stop you. You’ll not only get a great sense of satisfaction your business will be all the better for it.

Stop Timewasters

Identify who and what is wasting your time and remove them! Don’t allow yourself to be diverted from the task in hand. Whilst mobile phones have transformed the way we do business they can also be a major distraction. If yours is distracting you too much then turn it off. Having an “open door” policy may feel like the right thing to do but if it is stopping you from being super productive stop it. Shedule time for this so it doesn’t eat in to your productive working time.
Look at the list again. None of the 7 items are difficult. Building a successful future relies on your worker smarter – not harder and maybe thinking a little differently to the norm. Start today and put the above in to action.
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