Peacock Emerald
Insider Success Programme

The Peacock Emerald Insider Success Programme is most suitable for you if you are already happily on the path to business success but still want to be held accountable and challenged.

If you have your business set up and progressing nicely, but would benefit from some expertise and support then this programme will likely be most suitable. It will help ensure you take the action necessary to get the results you need and provide more of a mentoring role.

You may find it helps you with taking your business to a more professional level. Or helps you gain more balance so you can step back without losing momentum and get the balanced life that you would love.

The programme may also be of benefit to you if you are in the early stages of planning your business. Helping you look in to what you need to consider and work on, before you feel able to make the decision to bring your dream to life.

For a business pre-set up I would recommend working on a timescale of 3 months. For on-going support for businesses much further down the line, it would benefit you to look to work for a period of at least 3 – 6 months. All timescales are completely flexible and you are never ever tied in to a fixed contract.

  • 30 Minutes Private 1:1 Session

    A session plan is agreed in advance – usually at the end of the previous session. Sessions usually take place via the telephone or Skype. Face to face sessions may be available.

  • Planet Peacock Success Club Membership

    Free unlimited access each month you purchase a Consultancy and Coaching Insider Success Programme. Resources include Business and Personal Development Workbooks, E-Courses, Planners and more…

£45 per month

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Here you will find details of what to do next. This will involve the completion of a short form and the signing of our agreement and will provide details of how you can schedule in your very first session and make payment.

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