Are you guilty of working so hard in your business that you leave little time to work on your business?
I know I often am!
The day to day business demands can sap up all your time and energy leaving you little chance to review your business performance. Often decisions concerning business development amount to:

  • Let’s do what we did last year

  • Let’s do what everyone else is doing – “if they are doing it, it must be right!”

  • “We get most of our business from ?example market source? so that’s where we will spend our money”

If you are sitting there cringing in your seat thinking that sounds like me then you have every reason to be happy as there is much that can be done to make your business even more successful.
The development of the internet and social media has completely changed the way people are influenced in to making purchasing decisions. If you are still spending your time and money doing the marketing activities that you did 10 years ago, even 2 years ago, you are missing out on your market share for sure.
Prospective customers want to engage and communicate with you in a real way. They want to reach out and talk to others about your business and your competitors so they feel confident about that what you offer meets does in fact meet their needs.

Your Business Success Checklist:

  • Spread the word using multiple media – do not put all your eggs in one basket. Balance online and offline marketing

  • Make sure your website is up todate and integrates all the latest technology – don’t be fooled in to thinking this need be expensive, it need not be, BUT it does need to be a cost you include in your marketing budget

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tripadvisor at a minimum to engage with your prospective customers

  • Make sure your website if effective and can be easily found by search engines. A pretty website may make you feel better but if the google spider can’t find it, it is no good to anyone!

  • Use google adwords to get your message in front of your target market TODAY. Set up your campaigns so they maximise your results and minimise your cost per click

  • Use your existing and past customers to sell your services. Make sure you regularly communicate with these valuable people and have good recommendation and referal schemes in place.

  • Save yourself precious time by integrating automatic marketing campaigns that ensure customers receive relevant and helpful information on your services so that when they are ready to buy they will come to you.

  • Follow Up every single enquiry at least 7 times. The more money you expect them to pay the more times you should expect to follow them up! Stay in touch and you will improve your enquiry to conversion rate.

  • Analyse where your business is coming from so you know what is working and what is not. It is often good to try out and test new marketing opportunities but make sure you can track results. Simply throwing more money at something that may not work won’t bring you in any more revenue. Gut instinct is not good enough. Track and analyse.

Cost Effective Help When you Need It

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