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Target Products and Services for Profitable Results

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Target Products and Services for Profitable Results Imagine two shops sitting side-by-side in your local shopping centre. One is your go-to shop for just about everything. They sell garden tools, sweets, T-shirts, car parts and baby bottles. The other is more exclusive. In fact, the only thing they sell is chocolate. Belgian chocolate, Swiss chocolate, [...]

Drive your Business Forward


Are you guilty of working so hard in your business that you leave little time to work on your business? I know I often am! The day to day business demands can sap up all your time and energy leaving you little chance to review your business performance. Often decisions concerning business development amount to: [...]

Storytelling – Secret Weapon


Storytelling: Your Secret Weapon to Being Shared & Remembered What makes you read a blog post or article or email? Interesting stats? A clever turn of phrase? An attention-grabbing headline? All of those things can pique your interest, but they won’t keep your eyes on the page. For that, you need a story. As a [...]

The Missing Element in Your Funnel


The Missing Element in Your Funnel The first thing new online business owners learn is the power of the offer funnel. You’ll find plenty of WordPress plugins to help you design your funnel and landing-page software to help you build it. And yet still your funnel doesn’t perform as it should. So what’s missing? Cohesiveness. I [...]

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