No one can know—and do—it all. And if you’re in business, then you know there are a lot of moving parts that all have to be managed. Websites, online shops, email managers, video editing, copywriting, and file storage…the list goes on.

And here’s where many new (and even some established) business owners fall down. They try to bootstrap everything. Need a new website? They build it. Starting an affiliate program? They install it. Creating a video training series? They buy Camtasia; spend weeks learning it, and more weeks recording and editing video.

While there’s much to be said for self-sufficiency, there comes a point where you simply have to decide which tasks are giving you the best ROI, and let go of the rest.

As my Coach said to me today: “Action that which leads to Profit”

Trying to do everything yourself is wasting your valuable time and energy.

I wasted months of my time doing tasks that I could and should have delegated. I did them because I knew I could do them, and I felt I was wasting funds by paying someone else to do them. However, as soon as I worked out what this had cost me in terms of lost revenue, it was a no brainer. I instantly engaged assistance.

I immediately felt a huge weight lifted and could instantly see the benefits.

As a business owner it is just too easy to undervalue your own worth.

Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t know anything about the techy stuff that runs your business. You absolutely should. It’s nearly impossible to outsource work if you don’t have some idea of the work that needs to be done.

What that means is, you need to have an overview. You need to know where you’re going and have a basic idea of the steps that will get you there. You need to know that these things are possible, but you don’t necessarily need to know how to do them. For example, if you’re using Infusionsoft, and you want to send an email with a link that, when clicked, will automatically add the reader to a new campaign, then all you need to know is that it can be done. You don’t have to understand the mechanics behind it or be able to set it up yourself.

That’s what your VA is for.

And if you’re really thinking ahead (and I know you are) then you’ll also have your VA document the steps she’s using to complete the task. As part of her job, she should be helping to build your operations manual. That will make it easier for everyone on the team to get more done in less time, which in turn will save you money.

So stop fighting with technology. Learn only what you must know to do your job, and hand the rest off to someone who can do it faster and better. Then you can spend your time bringing in the money.

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