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We’ve all heard the saying “Be True To Yourself” but how many of us truly have the courage to live life just like that?
Whilst this short blog focusses on you as the individual, it is very easy to apply the same understanding to your business. If it’s success you are after then you do need to “stand out” and “Be the ‘You” You are Meant To Be”.
So. Stop what you are doing. Place your hand on your heart. Now answer this question honestly.

“Are you living a life that satisfies you in the way you dreamed it would?”

If you answer “No” then think again what is currently missing from your life. What would it take to make you feel truly satisfied with your life?
Many of us will do this exercise and come to realise that whilst we are happy on the whole we are not truly satisfied because we are not living the life we want. It may be that we are stuck in a job because the household needs the income and benefits it brings. It may be we are stuck in a relationship, playing out a role we don’t actually feel we want to be part of. We may be supporting a cause we have been pushed in to but don’t feel the passion for.

Circumstance Takes Control

As you grow up you begin to form an outline in your mind of how you want your life to be. The job you want to do, the partner you want to meet, the family you want to have, the friends you want to keep. Then life gets in the way. Opportunities, people, incidents, technology may not just cross your path but may actually push you off your route. Before you know it you may find you are living someone elses dream.

Remember Who You Are

Thankfully, there is just no need to worry and fret. Just go back to the first question at the top of the page and ponder on it.
Remember your strengths, characteristics, skills, experiences and your passions. Remember you are unique.
Now if you are allowing yourself to be led by others just so you fit in and are accepted. Stop it.

Differences Make The World an Interesting Place To Be

The world would truly become a very dull place if we all led the same kind of life, wanted the same job, house and interests. You just need to be honest and true to yourself about what it is you really want and then set out a plan to achieve.

Be confident in YOU.

Life is meant to be satisfying and fulfilling. What it takes to make us feel that way is as different as one person to another.
Commit now to your choosing your path and be proud to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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