Profitable Growth Mastermind

The Profitable Growth Mastermind is for Business Owners looking to seriously up-level.

Do you want to grow new and extended profitable revenue streams?

Do you want to master your business and develop the skills you need in order to achieve the results you truly desire?

Do you want help in clearing your mind so you can focus on actioning what’s most important ? Do you want to overcome your fears and build confidence and self esteem so you can step outside of your comfort zone and take brave courageous action that gets you brilliant t results?

This small mastermind (4 – 6 people) will ensure you set a strategic plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. You’ll find a place of inspiration where you can freely brainstorm your ideas and get help when facing challenges. You’ll be held accountable with weekly group calls on zoom so you’ll be celebrating your successes right from the very start.

A private facebook group will ensure you get the support, advice and feedback you need in between calls as well as you being able to help others in the group in the same way. This is an amazing opportunity for you to develop your business skills even further and build a strong sense of self.

Start Date: May 2020

Topics May Include:

  • Strategy, Vision, Mission, Business Plan

  • Core Values & Big Why

  • Carve Your Business Niche

  • Review Client Avatar & Consider Expansion of Markets

  • Budgeting, Accounting, Review, Audit & Analysis – Everything That Keeps You Trading Successfully Long Term

  • Sales & Marketing including Social Media, SEO, Paid Ads, PR, Professional Media – Photos & Video

  • Operating Standards & Procedures

  • Customer Service, Testimonials, Reviews

  • What’s It Take To Be C.E.O of Your Business – Your Personal Development – Coaching Needs, Leadership Skills, Mindset, Communication Skills, Time Management

  • 6 Month Programme

  • 90 – 120 Minutes Per Week

  • Private facebook Group


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