The cost of self doubt is absolutely enormous.

Now, we’re not just talking money here, but most importantly fulfilment, satisfaction, the joy of doing what you love, the pleasure of helping others…

Self doubt comes from an inner critic whose only job is to keep you safe from any possible risk – whether that be failure, hurt, criticism, disappointment, rejection.

Your inner critic couldn’t care a jot about your happiness, your desires, your dreams, even the truth.

It will do absolutely anything to keep you safe – and yes, that includes feeding your thoughts with lies about what you are capable of!!

Letting self doubt control and dominate your life is such a waste! There is so much more fulfilment on the other side of it. But dealing with it can be tricky.

The very first step is to recognise when your inner critic is at work.

The easiest way to do this, is to hear the words. If they are very black and white, completely negative, pretty harsh, repetitive, irrational, then they are almost certainly from your inner critic. We all have someone in our lives who is highly critical. If your thoughts sound like that person, then know for sure it is your inner critic.

Now you could say that the inner critic has something of value to add. Maybe you aren’t quite ready yet, maybe there are still things you need to learn etc.

This is where realistic thinking comes in to play.

Realistic thinking is way more positive. It’s focused on the future and on solutions. It offers open ended questions, rather than a statement of (untrue) FACT.

The worse thing with the inner critic, is that it’s most likely going to show up when you are highly motivated and chasing your big beautiful dreams. Remember, it’s only job is to keep you in your comfort zone.

It doesn’t matter how much you achieve, your inner critic will always be there. So, you must learn how to deal with it!

Learn to acknowledge the inner critic thoughts and accept that they are untrue, then turn your thoughts on to solutions and chase those dreams and make them happen.

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