Do I Need a Business Coach or Business Consultant?


This is a question that we are asked quite frequently. It's also a topic I see discussed in some of the many online forums I'm a member of. The fact is, if you are in, or looking to be in business, the chances are that you will most likely need both! Many small businesses and entrepreneurs [...]

Cash Is King


👑 Cash is King 👑 Making money has never ever been the number one driver for me in setting up my own businesses. I've set up a business because I'm driven to do that - and to make a difference. HOWEVER, I have always set them up to make money. Cash is the lifeblood of your [...]

Storytelling – Secret Weapon


Storytelling: Your Secret Weapon to Being Shared & Remembered What makes you read a blog post or article or email? Interesting stats? A clever turn of phrase? An attention-grabbing headline? All of those things can pique your interest, but they won’t keep your eyes on the page. For that, you need a story. As a [...]

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